Thursday, December 24, 2009

For Audre - Merry Christmas!

Dear Audre,
When I was going through the Christmas ornaments this year, getting ready to decorate my tree, I found our monkey ornament. It seemed to me the right time to send it to you. For many years GranDad and I had this monkey ornament on our Christmas tree every year. And it was there for you. Here is the story -

When you were quite little, you asked GranDad if there were any monkeys in the trees behind our house. He told you that there were monkeys there. You wanted to go out right away to see them. But GranDad told you that we couldn't see the monkeys because they were afraid of people. You insisted on going out to look. So you and GranDad took a walk to look for the monkeys in the trees. You looked very cute, walking with GranDad and holding his hand. (Of course I had to take a picture, which is one of my all time favorites!) You were calling out to the monkeys, "Monkeys come out!" and "Monkeys don't be afraid!" But you never did see the monkeys and finally came back inside. So when I found this monkey ornament several years later I bought it to remember your walk with GranDad to look for the monkeys. And now I think it is time for it to be on your tree each year. I hope you will enjoy it each year as much as we did.

I love you very much - Merry Christmas!

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